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L'isola che non c'è



  The B&B is more than just another boutique hotel. Your stay with us will be magical, unforgettable & revitalizing. We appreciate your downtime is precious & in limited supply, hence we dedicate our time & effort into making your dreams come true.  A place to relax & enjoy the beauty of Tuscany from a private estate. Our retreats will be a unique expression of the beauty & wonder that life has to offer, with a hint of guidance & inspiration.

 Elixir is an Adults only resort (no U16's).

L'isola che non c'è is the epitome of 'Neverland'. The 17th century Libertine villa is set within a magnificent park of 2,6ha (6.5acres) with a cypress tree lined avenue, ornamental green areas with koi pond, waterfall, courtyards, beautiful salt infinity pool, orchard, olive grove & vineyard. We grow our own bio vegetables, produce bio wine & olive oil. Our renovation/photovoltic plant will take us basically off grid for electrics & makes us nearly 100% self sustainable, which fulfils our ambition & ethos.

A stay at Elixir is a unique experience.

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